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Raw Wildflower Honey

Raw Wildflower Honey

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Raw Wildflower Honey

All natural, raw honey will crystallize over time.  Crystallization rates will vary due to many variables. If you would like to know more about honey and crystallization check out this link on the Ontario Beekeepers Association’s website.

To re-liquify your honey, place your jar in a pot of water on the stove with the lid off. With the stove on low, slowly reheat your honey to a liquid state and enjoy!


We offer the following size jars/pails of honey:

  • 150 g jar
  • 250 g jar
  • 375 g bear
  • 500 g jar
  • 500 g skep
  • 1 kg jar
  • 1 kg skep
  • 1 kg tub
  • 3 kg pail
  • 5 kg pail
  • 7 kg pail
  • 15 kg pail
  • 26 kg pail
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