About Us

Together, we started beekeeping in 2014 as a hobby and found it to be something we both very much enjoyed. Not only did we enjoy spending time together, we enjoyed the satisfaction of hard work and of course the sweet reward at the end of the season. We also fell in love with the beekeeping community of Dufferin County and beekeepers in general. We are very grateful and fortunate to have found such an amazing group of passionate people who are always willing to share their tips, tricks, and techniques that they have learned over the years. This has helped shape who we are as beekeepers and because of this we want to share our passion and knowledge of beekeeping with others as well. So with that, we have decided to open a local beekeeping and honey supply store right here in Dufferin County! We hope to supply our fellow and new beekeepers with all of their beekeeping needs!

Michael der Kinderen and Melissa Greenwood
“The Derkwoods”