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Pro Nuc Box

Pro Nuc Box

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The Pro Nuc is a quality five-frame nuc box with a lid that latches firmly in place. The reversible lid allows for much better ventilation. 

  • Made of durable and recyclable polypropylene
  • The lid firmly latches and is reversible to control ventilation
  • Easy to follow instructions imprinted on the underside of the lid
  • Closable entrances on both sides
  • Includes 2 different size feeding ports (for your 1 gallon and soda bottles). Feeding bottles not included
  • Drain holes at the bottom to release moisture
  • Includes frame rest and retainers to hold frames in place when moving
  • Low ends of the box, no digging frames out
  • Designed for bee tight shipping with better airflow 
  • Nests and stacks neatly to save space
  • No assembly required
  • Holds five deep frames 9-1/8" (23.18 cm)
  • Measures 9-5/8" deep, 11" wide, 22" long


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