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Rebecca & Brianne own HONEY bee the change. Together they naturally infuse local honey (Derkwood Beekeeping Supplies' RAW unpasteurized honey) with all natural ingredients like spices, fruits and florals to put an exciting spin on honey and create these handmade delectable infused honeys.

By purchasing HONEY bee the change infused honey you are not only supporting two small and local businesses but you are supporting Mike and Melissa as local beekeepers which directly supports the number of vital pollinators kept in our ecosystem.

Infused honey can be used to jazz up charcuterie, tea, salads, desserts, wine and even bbq!

 The infused honeys are offered in 3 sizes (depending on the flavour): Small (106ml), Regular (212ml) & Large (314ml)

Apple Cinnamon

Warm cinnamon & tart apple infused honey is perfect to drizzle on toast, oatmeal & more! Perfect for fall or for that warm & cozy feeling anytime of year :) 

Ingredients: Ontario Honey, Cinnamon,  Hibiscus, Chamomile, Roasted Chicory, Orange Peel, Roasted Carob, Macintosh Apple, Natural Apple Flavour.


Chili-Honey glaze for the grill. Excellent brushed on wings and ribs near the end of grilling.

Ingredients: Ontario Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chilis, Cayenne Pepper.  



Invoke summer with this blueberry-infused honey! Fruity, velvety and delightful with REAL blueberries floating in it, Blueberry honey is fast becoming one of our new favourites! Pairs beautifully with pancakes, vanilla yoghurt, fresh summer salads, fruit salads, or even as part of a sauce on summer grilled pork chops. 

Blueberry Honey Is Summer! 
Blue Skies, Blue Cornflowers, and Blueberries are the inspirations for this beautiful infusion. 

Ingredients: Ontario Honey, Hibiscus flowers, rosehips, apple pieces, elderberries, orange peels, blueberries, cornflowers, natural blueberry flavour.


Honey infused with decadent Dark Belgian Chocolate

Ingredients: Ontario honey, Belgian dark chocolate, organic cacao beans, natural chocolate flavour.

Garlic Cayenne (most popular)

One of our most popular, Garlic and Honey were made for eachother. It is beautifully pungent and spicy. Cayenne gives it a nice extra kick.

Jazz up charcuterie and cheeses. Glaze over fish or meat. Bake with Brie. Go wild! 

Ingredients: Ontario Honey, Garlic, Cayenne Peppers.

Hibiscus Rosehip

A Honey Bee the Change classic. This infusion started us, and it remains an all time best seller. 

Locally sourced honey infused with voluptuous fruity florals and loaded with vitamin C. Velvety and pink, this honey pairs beautifully with green tea and lends itself to exquisite baking and desserts.

Ingredients: Ontario Honey, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Flowers, Natural Berry Flavouring.

Lemon & Herb
Description and ingredient list coming soon!
Mulled Wine

A party hit! Make a quick, perfect batch of mulled wine. Infused with warm tones of cardamom, star anise, cloves, cinnamon and orange peel, Mulled Wine honey has all of the spices to whip up a quick batch of honey mulled wine.

Honey Mulled Wine Instructions: It's simple- Add one 212ml jar to a 1.5 Litre bottle of red wine + 1/2 cup orange brandy to slow cooker. Heat on warm for 30 mins and serve!

Need a quicker fix? Add some Mulled Wine honey to your Orange Pekoe Tea with milk for a sultry perfection.

Ingredients: Ontario honey, cinnamon, hibiscus, chamomile, orange peel, star anise, cardamom, cloves, roasted chicory, roasted carob, hibiscus, chamomile.


Fruity, bright, peachy keen. Lends itself beautifully to cocktails.

Ingredients: Ontario Honey, hibiscus, rosehip, marigold petals, rose petals, natural peach flavour

Peach Bellini

Fruity, bright, peachy keen. Lends itself beautifully to cocktails.

Ingredients: Ontario Honey, hibiscus, rosehip, marigold petals, rose petals, natural peach flavour

Description coming soon!
For more info visit their website infusedhoneybtc.com or their FACEBOOK page
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