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Derkwood Beekeeping Supplies

Grooved Frames (Assembled) With Plastic Foundation

Grooved Frames (Assembled) With Plastic Foundation

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  • Medium: yellow or black plastic foundation 
  • Deep: yellow or black foundation 
  • CANADIAN MADE!!! 🇨🇦 Ontario made to bee percise!


We would like to introduce you to BFC’s new frames!!

Unlike conventional frames, the BFC frame has a unique feature: one flat sidebar and one beveled sidebar. This innovative design minimizes the contact area between the frames, reducing the sealing effect of the propolis. The result? Easy access to your hive and simplified frame removal!

Crafted with precision, the BFC hive frames stand out with their exceptional quality. Each link is meticulously assembled using glue at each joint and a maximum number of staples, ensuring unmatched strength and durability. Improve your beekeeping with the BFC frame!


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