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Derkwood Beekeeping Supplies

Glass Jars

Glass Jars

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Jar Size
  • Price is per case
  • 12 Jars per case
  • Includes Lids

We are in the process of discontinuing GOLD lids and making the transition to all BLACK lids. Please note that some cases will come with GOLD lids and some will come with BLACK lids until the transition is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

GOLD: 43mm, 48mm, 53mm, 63mm

BLACK: 58mm, 70mm, 82mm


40ml/55g Jar-43mm GOLD Lid

60ml/82g Jar-48mm GOLD Lid

100ml/138g Jar-53mm GOLD Lid

110ml/151g Tall Jar-48mm GOLD Lid

110ml/151g Hex Jar-48mm GOLD Lid

190ml/262g Hex-58mm BLACK Lid

250ml/345g Jar-70mm BLACK Lid

270ml/372g Hex-63mm BLACK Lid

375ml/517g Short Jars-70mm BLACK Lid

375ml/517g Tall Glass Jar-58mm BLACK Lid

750ml/1.03kg Tall Jar-82mm BLACK Lid

780ml/1.07kg Short Jar-82mm BLACK Lid

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