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Beekeeping Log Book/Journal

Beekeeping Log Book/Journal

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This Beekeeping Log Book is a unique, simple, handy and easy to use for keeping track of all your hives. It is professionally designed with comprehensive pages.
This bee book includes sections to keep track of: the health of your beehive or beehives. There is a checklist for all of your important information, which includes:

  • Recording about basic hive info
  • Inspection notes
  • Weather conditions
  • General hive appearance, hive's behavior, hive's population
  • Food stores
  • Signs of Pests/Problems (Mites, Ants, Moths, Dead Bees, Smell)
  • Visual of the queen
  • Temperament
  • Is the population thriving
  • Capacity (how full are the frames)
  • Is there any eggs or larva
  • Storing enough honey
  • Brood pattern
  • There is also blank lined section for notes for any other issues or things you can write 

This beehive log measures 6×9 in, making it a perfect size for any beekeeper to take out in the field.

This beekeeping log book is a great gift for any beekeeper or bee lover.

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